Are Samuel Windsor shoes good value?

Published: 21st August 2008
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Buying shoes online can be a good way to snap up bargains and to get the most from your money. Over the past few years, I've bought footwear from a number of online retailers, with mixed results.

Many people may not think to buy shoes online - after all, how can you be confident in buying an item that you'd ideally like to try before you buy.

This was also a genuine concern for me before I started to look at shoe shopping online. I was given some advice from a friend that was to prove very useful.

He pointed out that he bought a lot of clothes online and that he relied heavily on being able to buy online and then return garments that he wasn't happy with. He suggested that a similar approach could be applied to buying footwear.

I started to take a closer look at the returns policies stated by various websites. I realised that many would allow you to allow you to buy some shoes, try them on and then return them if you weren't happy with them.

This meant that it was possible to make sure that they were the right size, offered comfort and looked the way that I had expected them to.

BY taking such an approach, I've been able to transform the way in which I shop for shoes. Importantly, I can now take advantage of the lower prices that are offered online, without having to be worried about purchasing a pair of shoes that might not fit.

I've found that Samuel Windsor shoes offer good value. I tend to take advantage of their frequent offers, which often mean that I can get two pairs for the price of one.

Look out for the best deals and buy online with confidence - you can save plenty by buying shoes on the internet.

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