Why are festivals so expensive?

Published: 22nd June 2009
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Festivals used to represent a good, cheap excuse to go away for the weekend. You could relax with friends, have a few drinks and watch a selection of your favourite bands. What could be better?

Somewhere along the line, things seem to have changed. These events are no longer the cheap options that they once were. Commercial interests have well and truly taken over. It seemed that they were once run by enthusiastic amateurs, but corporate entertainment companies are now in on the act.

Prices have increased, just as they have for many other music shows. As the running of the events has become more professional, it seems that changes are being reflected in all aspects. In some respects they've become victims of their own success.

You'll now find that you have to pay more for your ticket, often including an obligatory booking fee, plus postage costs. Such added extras could mean that you pay up to 20% more, on top of the face value of the ticket.

That's because many festival organisers now work closely with the ticket agencies. They feel that they have to do this in order to meet demand.

Once you're at the event site you'll find that you'll probably have to spend plenty more money. Food and drink costs are comparable with attending a major sporting event, rather than reflecting what you might spend at the supermarket.

It's probable that such costs are high because catering companies are being charged quite a large fee to be at the site.

If you want to buy a festival programme then be prepared to hand over another large sum. There's no doubt that festivals have become more expensive and the upward trend in terms of costs shows no signs of coming to an end.

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